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Goals and Initiatives

Options 1 and 2: Pathways, Partnerships, and Structures

  • Foster a “University to Career” culture – including a university-wide redesign of the Office of Career Development and Calling
  • Create marketplace-focused centers for partnerships with businesses and healthcare
  • Reposition CAPS, Seminary, and GS into a single organizational structure

Option 3: Improve and Expand our Service to Underrepresented and Underserved Student Groups

  • Grow ActSix – including expanding scope beyond CAS
  • Grow BUILD (Bethel University Inclusive Learning and Development)
  • Launch LaVoca (Liberal Arts and Vocation)
  • Begin a JROTC program (Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps for high school students)
  • Improve and refine people systems starting with hiring practices

Option 4: Expand Online Education

  • Build up the university’s online infrastructure
  • Go big online in the adult market (CAPS, Seminary, GS)
  • Grow summer enrollment/revenue online (CAS)
  • Offer online PSEO for high school juniors and seniors (CAS)

Option 5: Creating a Sustainable Financial Model

  • Build endowment to $250 million
  • Increase Bethel Fund to $5 million annually
  • Reimagine and redesign administrative/instructional operating models

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in February 2015.