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At Bethel, we want to offer LGBTQ+ students a discipleship group through the Office of Christian Formation and Church Relations as they journey through the many questions and experiences related to a person’s identity and the impact of faith on one’s identity.


This group exists to provide a caring and supportive community for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+), and same-sex attracted as they move toward becoming whole and holy persons in an increasingly complex world, which requires honest engagement with Scripture, authenticity, and faithful love.

What this group is…

  • A space for students to share their stories and experiences
  • A space to be known, supported, and respected
  • A space to discuss difficult topics and challenge one another towards Christ-likeness
  • A space to engage the Bible, especially the theme of sexuality
  • A space to encounter authors and speakers with key perspectives related to Christianity and LGBTQ+ topics.
  • A space to help individuals and the Bethel community better navigate how to treat all people with respect while engaging areas of disagreement

What this group is not...

  • A group that will determine or create a theological statement
  • A group that will seek to establish, undermine, or change university policy

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