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The undersigned is a participant in a special activity sponsored by Bethel University (hereafter "Bethel"). In order to participate in the special activity, which in this case is a Solidarity Missions Project (SMP) trip, Sankofa trip or other programed trips through the department of Christian Formation and Church Relations which is an integral part of Bethel's Campus Ministries Program, the undersigned agrees to the following:

1. The undersigned agrees to waive and release Bethel, a non-profit Minnesota Corporation, and all persons and entities in interest with Bethel, including administrators, faculty members, staff members, and other employees, agents and representatives of Bethel of and from any and all claims, actions, or suits, for personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss, sustained by the undersigned in connection with the special activity identified above.

2. The undersigned agrees to abide by policies and behavioral guidelines established by Bethel and/or the program director to be necessary for the operation of the above program. I acknowledge that Bethel's Lifestyle Expectations apply to this special activity. Should the director decide that a student must be separated from the program because of violation of such guidelines and policies, for disruptive or culturally inappropriate behavior, or for conduct which could bring the program into disrepute, that decision will be final. All loss and expense incurred in the event of the termination of the undersigned's participation in this special activity, including cost of travel, must be borne by the undersigned.

3. The undersigned understands and agrees that Bethel is not responsible for cancellation or changes in travel and program schedules or adjustments in announced fees for this special activity caused by changes in air tariffs, lodging rates, or fares charged by those engaged for such services. The undersigned further agrees that in the event of an act of war, terrorism, strikes, Act of God, or other emergency, which causes this special activity to be canceled in whole or part, any fund due the undersigned will be determined by Bethel in its discretion.

4. The undersigned understands and agrees that Bethel is not responsible for medical expenses if the undersigned requires medical treatment during the undersigned's participation in the above described special activity. If the undersigned is physically incapacitated for medical reasons, the undersigned agrees that Bethel, or its representatives, may make reasonable arrangements for the medical care of the undersigned in emergency circumstances and any such medical expenses are the responsibility of the undersigned.

5. The undersigned hereby grants Bethel and its agents full authority to take whatever actions they may consider to be warranted under the circumstances regarding the undersigned's health and safety, and fully releases each of them from any liability for such decisions or actions as may be taken in connection therewith. The undersigned authorize Bethel and its agents, at their discretion, to place the undersigned, at his/her (or his/her parents') expense, and without my further consent, in a hospital within or outside the United States for medical services and treatment, or, if no hospital is readily available, to place the undersigned in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment. If deemed necessary or desirable by Bethel or its agents, the undersigned authorizes them to transport him/her back to the United States by commercial airline or otherwise at his/her own (or his/her parents') expense for medical treatment. In any case, Bethel may take whatever action it deems necessary, including transporting the undersigned back to the United States or out of the host country (at his/her or his/her parents' expense), due to any international or political unrest, personal emergency or other event which Bethel in its sole discretion, determines is in the undersigned's best interest. In the event Bethel or its agents advance or loan any moneys to the undersigned or incur special expense on his/her behalf while s/he is abroad, the undersigned (and his/her parents) agree to make immediate repayment upon his/her return.

6. The undersigned agrees that any independent traveling on weekends and holidays during the period covered by the program and after the conclusion of the program will be at the expense of the undersigned. The undersigned understands that Bethel is not responsible for any injury or loss whatever suffered by me during periods of independent travel (which I understand are unsupervised) or during any absence from university sponsored activities.

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