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BSG special interest clubs and organizations provide students a place to express themselves through a variety of interests including by not limited to art, dance, politics, chess, and more. You don't need to be affiliated with a particular department, major, or career to join. Want to get involved? Contact the club leader listed below the club description!

Art & Design

The Art & Design club is for any student at Bethel that wants to make art. One of our mottos is "come make bad art with us" because we want to take the pressure off having to make something beautiful and embrace the process rather than the destination. 

Student Leaders: Elle Pehrson, Molly Kraakevik, Bella Haveman, and Emily Costa

BETA Climbers Club

BETA Climbers Club aims to build community through rock climbing. Each month we provide opportunities to go climbing off-campus, and have a certain number of slots available each time. Reach out if you would like to join us!

Student Leaders: Claire Carlson and Megan Crawford 

Chess Club

The royal chess club provides students with a time and place to play chess with each other, discuss how to improve their chess skills, as well as other resources to help each other grow in their chess abilities. We will have chess boards, clocks, as well as other resources to aid members in their games.

Student Leaders: Ethan Dillner, Elijah Anderson, and Andrew Gibbons

Disability Awareness Group

DAG’s mission is to work together to raise awareness of a variety of topics surrounding disability. We will strive to break commonly-held stereotypes and to create a community of inclusion and acceptance for all people.

Student Leaders: Amber O’Brien and Connor Mitchell

Esports Club

The Esports Club provides competitive opportunities for Bethel students who enjoy electronic sports compeitions. Each year they host a variety of competitive tournaments such as SuperSmash Bros and Rocket League.

Student Leaders: George Cinader and Conner Bertram

International Justice Mission (IJM) Club

We are aimed towards bringing awareness on campus to the social injustices that are still present and affecting people across the street as well as around the world. This awareness will allow students who are passionate about justice to get connected with organizations that are either local (Source Ministries in Minneapolis, etc.) or global (IJM).

Student Leaders: Grace Alpers and Tiara Lamb 

Model United Nations (Model UN)

Model United Nations (UN) works to bring together students who share an interest in international issues. Our goal is to build community and encourage academic growth through participation in discussions and yearly participation in a simulation of the United Nations.

Student Leaders: Hannah Flanders and Maya Philips

Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club seeks to provide the Bethel Student body with opportunities to make a
meaningful impact by empowering students with knowledge and life-saving skills to help
prepare Bethel's community to respond to emergencies. Outreach connections with the Red
Cross, enables our volunteers to gain hands-on experience in disaster relief and teaching others
lifesaving skills such as First Aid and CPR.

Student Leaders: Vivian Marchan, Jon Rosenthal, and Faith Robb

Sunset Club

The sunset club is an opportunity for Bethel students to admire and appreciate an aspect of God's creation that every human is privileged to be able to witness from anywhere in the world: the sunset. The Sunset Club is a weekly, reoccuring gathering of students at the Lake Valentine Dock.

Student Leader: Caroline Hogg

Tennis Club

Tennis Club creates a place for students of all grade levels and all skill levels to gather together and be
active. It allows for a low pressure and fun atmosphere for people to meet and play tennis for
those not wanting to commit to a class or the Bethel Tennis Team.

Student Leaders: Robert Whisler and Sarah Green

Woven Lives

Woven Lives is a mentoring ministry for women. The Woven Lives program is designed to encourage and support female students through a mentoring relationship with a female staff or faculty member that begins mid-October and continues through April. Each mentoring relationship is typically developed through bi-monthly one-on-one meetings that each pair plans. Check out this club as an opportunity to be mentored or to serve as a mentor.

Student Leaders: Bailey Guggisberg and Hannah Flanders


Want to start a new special interests club? Contact bsg-clubs-and-orgs@bethel.edu.