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Executive Director Positions

The Bethel Student Government (BSG) is broken down into 8 departments, which are directly overseen by executive directors. These positions are hired by the newly-elected student body president each spring. Job responsibilities typically include:

  • Hiring directors
  • Managing a budget
  • Leading meetings
  • Overseeing events that their respective departments put on

Each executive director is also a member of BSG's Executive Team. This entails a weekly team meetings, which is led by the student body president. The Executive Team works together to oversee the day-to-day aspects of BSG and is responsible for creating and maintaining the goals and direction of BSG each year.

Meet the current Executive Team or learn how to apply.

Executive Chair of Senate

This position is the head of the Study Body Senate. They are responsible for overseeing senate meetings and working with the elected senators to seek out the student body's needs and to resolve them through the creation of bills and resolutions.

Executive Director of Clubs & Organizations

This position is responsible for overseeing the administrative aspects of the BSG approved clubs. They also provides guidance and reference for clubs leaders to help their clubs run smoothly and effectively.

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

This position is responsible for managing all of BSG's external communication, which includes marketing, promotions, and publicity. They oversee 4 directors to ensure that communication with the student body is innovative and effective.

Executive Director of Finance

This position provides effective communication concerning financial transactions, aids in forming budgets, and helps leaders to operate within those budgets. They are also responsible for tracking and managing all monies within BSG budgets as well as advising the student body president and student senate in the allocation of funds to the various branches of BSG.

Executive Director of Student Activities

This position provides leadership and support to the Student Activities (SA) directors and members in the planning and execution of campus-wide events. It's the executive director's responsibility to ensure the department's focus remains consistent with their mission to "enhance the Bethel experience by providing fun and community-building events through servant leadership."

Executive Director of Student Ministries

This position works to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development for the entire student body. They also regularly collaborate with Campus Ministries to act as an integral role in representing students' spiritual needs and concerns.

Executive Director of United Cultures of Bethel

This position aims to unite students of different cultures and to promote a desire for cultural diversity on campus. They also provide leadership and direction for the 5 directors of the intercultural program: European Americans in Solidarity (EAS), Asian Christian Fellowship (ACF), Black Student Union (BSU)Voz Latinx, and First Nations.

Application Instructions

  • Submit an online application by Monday, March 22.
  • Submit two references by Monday, March 22.
  • You will be contacted after the deadline regarding interviews.
  • Check out the job descriptions above to learn more!