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President and Vice President

Trey Adelsman

Student Body President

Trey is a senior double-majoring in physics and psychology. He has been a part of BSG all four years, serving as a Student Senator in his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. He is excited to get to know the Bethel community this year and for the opportunity to advocate for both their interests and concerns.

Mild Du

Student Body Vice President

Mild is a junior business and political Sscience and media production double major who joined BSG her freshman year via Student Senate. She is looking forward to meeting and connecting with all students and cultivating a community at Bethel that all students can be a part of.

The Underground

Anna Olson

Executive of the Underground

Anna is a junior political science and business major. She is excited to foster community in new spaces so that students can connect in meaningful and unique ways. Although it is her first year in BSG, she cherishes the community it has provided and wants to leverage it to make the Bethel community a better place for all students.

Morgan Dean

Director of Underground Revenue

United Cultures of Bethel

Camile Bunker

Executive of United Cultures of Bethel

Camile is a senior, majoring in relational communications studies. She is excited to promote diversity on Bethel’s campus and throw events that highlight the unique qualities different cultures have. Her goal is to encourage everyone to discover more about other cultures as well as their own since we all have a special story of our own. In learning to appreciate and diverse cultures, we can better prepare ourselves for going out in the world as representatives of the diverse body of Christ. 

Aniya Robertson

Director of Black Student Union

Caleb Climaco

Director of Voz Latinx

Jane You

Director of Asian Student Alliance

Talia McWright

Director of Multi

Tiara Lamb

Director of European Americans in Solidarity

Maria Tran

Executive Assistant of United Cultures of Bethel

RyleeAnn and Devanie Andre

Directors of First Nations

Clubs, Organizations, and Intramurals

Abby Rau

Executive Director of Clubs, Organizations, and Intramurals

Abby is a senior relational and organizational communications double major. This is Abby's first year as part of the BSG team. She got connected through being a club leader for the Bethel Ultimate Frisbee Club. Abby is looking forward to cultivating an atmosphere where students can boldly engage in connecting with others through the numerous clubs, opportunities, and intramurals Bethel provides.


Taylor Hanson

Director of Intramural Leagues

Brady Botterill

Director of Intramural Leagues

Derek Fromm

Director of Tournaments

Student Activities

Karina Nelson

Executive of Student Activities

Karina is a senior international relations major who has been in student activities since her freshman year.  She has enjoyed getting to know people from all different grades and majors through student activities and has also enjoyed making an impact on the student body through fun events!  Karina is looking forward to seeing how students use BSG events to connect and form lifelong friendships here at Bethel.

Erik Kargel

Director of Artistic Events

Leah Robinson

Director of Special Productions

Gretchen Mugglin

Director of Seasonal Events

Maddie Ross

Director of Banquets and Dances

Communications and Marketing

Elly Tyberg

Executive of Communications and Marketing

Elly is a junior business marketing major with a minor in social media. She has enjoyed getting to lead a team of creative people to make media for BSG. Elly looks forward to getting creative with the video, graphics, and social media. She also looks forward to meeting everyone within BSG and representing each branch through marketing. 

Spencer Vang

Director of Graphic Design

Emma Lovell

Director of Graphic Design

Raya Decker

Director of Graphic Design

Nora Waffensmith

Director of Specialty Media

Abbi Bates

Director of Social Media


Nolan Kluempke

Financial Officer

Nolan is a senior business major with an emphasis in finance. He joined BSG with the goal of using his skillset to help steward the money given to Bethel Student Government to provide events that will allow students to grow in both their relationships with God and other students. He is also excited for the relationships that he will build with other students this year serving the Bethel community.

Student Ministries

Canon Dyer

Executive of Student Ministries

Canon is a junior mechanical engineering and physics major who joined student ministries his freshman year. From that point on he has found a passion for developing the spiritual environment here at Bethel in a way that enables students to further their relationship with God. Canon is looking forward to connecting with students on campus and furthering his relationship with God alongside theirs through Student Ministries.

Noelle Jacobsen

Director of Prayer

Emily Krueger

Director of Outreach

Johanna Johnson

Director of Upperclassmen Discipleship

Bethel Student Council Members

Emely Castillo Hernandez

Senior Representative

Natalia Falgetilli

Junior Representative

Peyton Baker

Sophomore Representative

Greta McArthur

At-Large Representative

Jenna Manske

At-Large Representative