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Commitment to Diversity in Hiring

Diversity and inclusiveness are foundational to the Bethel University community. We believe that each person is created in God’s image. God intends for his diverse creation to live in a state of shalom. Simply put, the Hebrew word shalom is about peace, safety, tranquility, completeness, and wholeness in the world and in the way people relate to each other. God intended shalom from the beginning.

We believe that diversity and inclusion will increase educational effectiveness. Better education occurs through the exchange of diverse perspectives, opinions, and experiences. By fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and respect, we can be God’s agents of reconciliation and shalom in a world torn by misunderstanding, division, and strife. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion flows from our core value that we are reconcilers who honor the worth and dignity of all people. This directs the way we teach, learn, and work.

Bethel seeks to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse workforce who contributes to our educational and Christ-centered mission. In order for us to have a community that represents the world around us, Bethel actively develops inclusive pools of qualified candidates. In addition to hiring diverse candidates, Bethel is committed to building institutional capacity in order to create a community in which all persons thrive. People who bring varying perspectives better enable Bethel to educate and equip students to lead lives of impact.