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Grades & Privacy

When students start their first day of class at Bethel, they cross the threshold from high school to college. During high school, parents receive grades and notification about student progress. But once your student transitions to college, whether a PSEO or traditional college student, they become the owners of their academic records.

Why don't I see my student's grades?

When students transition to college, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states that students own their academic information. This gives students the right to view their educational records and to have some control over how that information is shared with others. This transfer of rights happens regardless of whether the student is a postsecondary enrollment option (PSEO) student.

Examples of information protected by FERPA:

  • Grades & Test Scores
  • GPA
  • Courses
  • Class Schedule

Because your student is the owner of their academic information, they may choose to share it with family members at their discretion.

Can parents access grades?

The best way to check in on your student's progress is to ask them. Building a healthy, open relationship with your student gives you the chance not only to learn about how they're doing, but to also offer support. If students want their parents to be able to inquire about their academic records, they have the option to sign a release form. Learn more about FERPA.