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Office Spotlight

Office of Christian Formation

For many students, Bethel isn’t just a school...it’s also their spiritual home during some of the most formative years of their life. The Office of Christian Formation is passionate about creating intentional environments for spiritual growth, helping students navigate their college years, and holding a high view of Scripture while staying in the center of tough cultural conversations. Learn more about our Office of Christian Formation.

Office of Student Life

Student Life exists to ensure students are successful, not only in academics but across all areas of college life. We love to help students navigate their Bethel years, and we do that by making connections and creating spaces for students to thrive. Together, we’re calling out and growing into the world-changers God created us to be. Learn more about the Office of Student Life.

Office of Academic Affairs

Of course college is academic. That goes without saying! But one of the great things about Bethel is that there are so many offices and resources available to help students select the right courses, excel in their studies, and prepare for success after graduation. Here’s what to think about—academically speaking—each year of college. Learn more about the Office of Academic Affairs.

Office of Career Development and Calling

College is about so much more than job preparation. But the Bethel community is here to support you as you pursue your God-given calling with everything you've got. Our Office of Career Development and Calling is equipped with a team of professionals who have resources designed to help you hone your specific career interests, find internships and job openings that fit your passions, and land your dream job. Learn more about the Office of Career Development and Calling.