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Paying Tuition

Although making tuition payments is ultimately the responsibility of your Bethel student, we know that many parents help out with college bills. As a parent, it's great if you can offer support and also help your student take ownership of their financial responsibilities in the process.

Student responsibilities

When students enroll in college, they are accountable for paying their tuition and fees. At Bethel, we email all billing information directly to our students. It's their responsibility to know when bills are due and to forward any information on to parents if needed.

Students have access to view their account balance and make payments anytime by logging in to MyBethel (Bethel's community website).

Parent access

We know many parents and family members want to help pay the bills during college. To make this process easier, students have the option to set up authorized users on their account. As an authorized user, parents or other family members have access to view their student's balance and make payments through Bethel's online billing system. If you're interested in being an authorized user on your student's account, you must talk to your student about providing access.

Payment options

Bethel offers many options for making tuition payments. Students can also enroll in semester payment plans to have their tuition payments spread out over the semester.


If you have any questions about the billing process or making payments, contact our Business Office.